Construction Industry Needs To Go Green – Here’s How!


The construction industry has changed over the past few years as it gets greener. The growth in green technologies has made it easier for Construction Company Los Gatos to implement environmentally friendly practices into their projects.

Improve Site Efficiency

The construction industry is notorious for its impacts on the environment. Both the construction and demolition of buildings can have a huge impact on the environment. To minimize the impact of construction, contractors can use a range of green technologies. For example, building materials that are inert, such as clay bricks and concrete, can be used.

Insulation materials like EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) can be used instead of wood or fiberglass. Another way that contractors can improve efficiency is to use equipment that uses less energy. Equipment like forklifts, which are used to transport materials, are notorious for wasting energy. Using smaller forklifts can reduce energy costs and increase efficiency.

Use Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is energy that is produced using natural resources such as sunlight, wind, water, and geothermal heat. One of the challenges for construction companies and Design And Build Firms Campbell is that sites are often temporary, so it is difficult to use renewable energy sources for this reason.

However, Construction Company Los Gatos can still use renewable energy when working on projects like building solar panels to provide electricity to site lighting. For larger projects, contractors can use solar and wind power systems. These systems are becoming more affordable and are great for remote sites where it is difficult to install a system that generates electricity.

Waste Water Resources Correctly

It is important to make sure that construction wastewater is only used to clean surrounding areas. If there are nearby gardens or public areas that can be directly cleaned with wastewater it should be diverted away. Wastewater that irrigates nearby gardens or is released into the environment can damage aquatic ecosystems.

Correctly managing wastewater can have several benefits. One is that it can save contractors time and money. By correctly managing wastewater, contractors can avoid having to truck in water. It can also avoid damage to aquatic ecosystems by releasing wastewater in ways that do not directly contaminate water bodies or other land areas.

Waste Managers

Construction waste and demolition waste are two common types of waste generated on construction sites. Waste management is important not only for the health and safety of construction workers but also for the health and safety of the surrounding environment.

If wastewater that has been used to clean tools and equipment is released into the environment, it can be harmful to aquatic ecosystems and drinking water sources. Construction and demolition waste should be properly managed and disposed of by the General Contractor Saratoga so that it does not contaminate the surrounding environment.


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