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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What can I expect from our first meeting and what will it cover?

    During a free 1-2-hour initial consultation meeting we look to discuss your project in detail to get an overall sense of your goals, budget and style. We will spend time providing advice on layouts, design and giving a big picture of what you can expect during the construction process, including example timelines and general costs.

    2. Will I need a permit for my project and will you help with the process?

    Most projects will require one or more permits; for example, an overall building permit for new construction or a single plumbing or electrical permit for a kitchen remodel. We will help you obtain any necessary permits for your project to meet city code and build a safe, enjoyable home your family.

    3. Is there a minimum size project you will take on?

    We work on projects with a minimum construction budget of $15,000. This is typically a small bath remodel; however, we encourage you to contact us with details about your project for information on construction costs.

    4. Is there a design style you focus on building?

    We work with you to tailor a design style unique to you and your project. Whether starting with modern or traditional, we have extensive experience in designing healthy, functional layouts that meet city code while ensuring a beautiful design. Please see our Portfolio to begin getting ideas.

    5. How will I choose materials, colors, finishings? Do you help with this process?

    Yes! Selecting materials, colors and finishings happens to be one of our favorite phases in the construction process. At our Greenberg Design Gallery we will help you find the right products and solutions for your home while making the experience enjoyable, stress-free, and most importantly successful for everyone.

    6. What does your payment schedule look like?

    After your initial free consultation and you select Greenberg for your home construction needs, a $1000 deposit is required at contract signing. We will work with you to create a payment schedule unique to your project based on delivered milestones.